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Equipment Listing



Plant 3 is a multi-product facility with 4 intermediate cells, 2 API cells, and 1 milling room,

giving the ability to manufacture the newer generation of high-potency-low-volume API.

Reactors will be able to perform controlled chemical reactions in a closed-system

environment to synthesize intermediates and API chemical products. The reactors will be

provided with heating and cooling (+ 11 OC to -30C), they will be able to mix and be

subject to pressure (up to 150 psig) and vacuum to perform multi-purpose operations

including chemical reactions, distillation, crystallization, precipitations, separations,

extractions and sampling.

The Agitated Filter Dryers and Centrifuge/Conical dryer will provide the ability to

perform filtrations and dryings and allow the handling of compounds in a closed-system

environment. The dryer provides pressure filtration, slurry and washing, slurry transfer,

filter-cake smoothing and drying, and filter-cake discharging.

The dryer is integrated with a dedicated discharge valve for discharging product down into

the packaging area through a continuous liner.

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